Valentine’s Day is right around the corner…

We always think of Valentine’s Day as a holiday for the ladies, however, I guessing the guys would like a lil something, something as a token of affection from us as well.

I would not recommend flowers, persay, but I would recommend apparel.

Nothing says I’m thinking of you like an expressive T-shirt that is bound to bring a smile to his face.  U know your man, so view the selection to see what we have in-store.


All the best.

Lo of GearUGalore

Announcing: Little Passports Community Offer

We also love to partner with businesses and organizations that have young people’s best interest in mind. One of the fantastic merchants that are offered on the GearUGalore platform is Little Passports.
Little Passports does not supply apparel as the other merchants available on the GearUGalore platform, however, they offer a window to enhance the imagination of young people hence they have an impact on tomorrow.

See…GearUGalore is all about impact.

Little Passports is Offering a Fundraising Opportunity For Your School!

Planning a fundraiser at your child’s school? Little Passports is the perfect partner, with an award-winning educational product that kids and parents love. Here’s how it works: Your community shops at Little Passports and they donate 15% back to your school. There’s more information available at:

Gearing U Galore…

GearUGalore always likes to take the opportunity to visit our readers here to allow them the opportunity to view us more transparently.

We are providing the responses to a few questions that have been posed to members of our team as we continue to make it a priority to always listen to our supporters…so keep ’em coming

Q1: What is GearUGalore?

A1: GearUGalore is a virtual styling center that provides a multitude of services to our clients.  To see a list of our service packages, click here  

Q2: Does the Service Package Price include the price of the apparel?

A2: No.  The Service Package Price only covers the consultation fees, administrative fee and select alterations fees associated with your purchase. See specific service package details.

Q3: Has GearUGalore recently hosted a Resume Building Workshop via the internet?

A3: Yes.  As a matter of fact, we’ve hosted three since mid-September and there has been a nice level of response.  We intend on doing it again soon.

Q4: Why Resume Building?

A4: That’s a good question.  Many of the individuals (and groups) that contact GearUGalore are going thru transitions of sorts.  Some have decided to enter or re-enter the workforce and need to build their business attire accordingly.  Some are entering college and need to be fitted with some proper units for climates different from what they are accustomed to.  In all of the above instances, we are equipped to oblige.  In an attempt to make ourselves more visible and accessible, we decided to offer the resume building workshops as a courtesy to our present and potential clients.

Q5: Whose reviewing/critiquing the resumes, if you don’t mind?

A5: Not at all.  The resumes are ultimately viewed and critiqued by the president of Organized Business Solutions, a Sales, Marketing and Administrative Support Agency or a responsible delegate of her choosing.  Initially, the resumes are sent to the designated e-mail address ( and all identifying information is kept private and confidential.  Hard-copy is presented to one of our president’s assistants and it is marked accordingly.  The final review is then completed by the president who has eight plus years of human resource experience in the oil & gas industry, direct hire responsiblity for her sales agency, non-profit volunteer selection and coordination experience and a plethora of project management experience in diverse arenas.  Once the suggested improvements, if any, are agreed upon and properly noted, the resume is returned to the return address within 24 hours.  Many are quite appreciative of the suggestions and we are happy to help.


One of our main goals at GearUGalore is to do our part in making sure our clients look good and feel good.  If there is something we can do to assist you in reaching your goals and help you to get to the next level, we are willing to go that extra mile.  We’re here to Gear U Galore… head to toe. 




It All Comes Down to Balance

One of the most deceitful things an individual can do is withhold information.

Withholding information is detrimental when you expect individuals to work (and play) on a level playing field. Take race relations in America for instance…

There has been much discussion regarding race relations in America for many, many years. This is nothing new. However, recently the discussions have seemingly increased in both quantity and quality as the Nation attempts to grasp an understanding of why individuals are experiencing a degree of outrage over the recent verdict released in the Zimmerman trial.

It appears some individuals are having a hard time understanding why the blatant disregard for an innocent human life, a young Black male’s life, is not simply accepted. There are individuals amongst us in this country that feel as though Black males’ lives, accomplishments, inventions and the like have ALWAYS been disregarded in this country, so what’s the big deal at this point in history? They have made it a common practice to ‘hide’ or disregard the significance and prominence of the Black male and they have successfully deceived themselves into believing that is the way it should be.

The act of disregarding and devaluing the young Black Male and Black Men in this country goes further back than I have time to discuss in this blog post, but I would encourage you to research the Folsom people, who were most assuredly Black and pre-dated whites by over 10,000 years.

For discussions’ sake in this blog today, we’ll start with John Hanson, who was a Moor (meaning Black). He was the 1st original President of the United States, not George Washington as the story goes. He was chosen unanimously by Congress (George Washington included). However, when History was being ‘written’, he was ‘conveniently’ disregarded, although he was the individual that was chosen to run the country after the Articles of Confederation were signed in 1781. He served from 1781-1782. He laid out the ‘template’ (if you will) for the position of Presidency, but recognition for his ‘contributions’ are lost in the shadows?

Take Thomas Jefferson for instance. As you know, he was the 3rd (if we’re using the agreed upon timeline) President, serving from 1801-1809 and he could be considered Black, as his father could be considered Black, being a half-white, half-Black man from Virginia. Why do they not teach that in school? What’s the point in disregarding his 1/4 Black lineage?

Take Andrew Jackson as another prime example. Considered the 7th President of the United States, serving from 1829-1837, his mother was white, but his father was a Black man. Why do we not know that? Perhaps that information was hidden from us as well.

It appears to me this country set a precedent long, long ago, and we see where that led us. It appears one instance in which they prominently place the Black male in front for all to see is when a discussion on slavery is at hand. We know during that unfortunate time, a large majority of the Black Nation within this Nation was ravished by psychopathic, deranged and cruel beings that sought to do nothing but control.

It seems apparent that a particular ideology within this Nation needs to be revamped. Yes, we currently have a Black President who’s Black heritage is actually being recognized, however, the ideology needs to be revamped. As we understand that an ideology is a closely ORGANIZED system of beliefs, values and ideas forming the basis of a social, economic and political philosophy or program, we need to understand that confining an entire races’ history to a few paragraphs in some outdated books and pushing it as part of the core curriculum so all ‘are on the same page’ is not the way to go.

If real change is the desired result, BALANCE must be employed. Balance of information, balance with respect to opportunity, balance in regards to educational growth and development. If the school system has decided to accept the responsibility of educating the masses, balance of information presented is imperative. The intellectual foundations built by Black people can no longer be strategically hidden in the shadows as if it’s ok to disregard or whitewash. When a zeitgeist is set in which the paradigm allots for the nominalizing of certain individuals’ place in society, you are perpetuating classism. From there, civil liberties and civil rights are most assuredly violated without proper repercussions. A truly fair and just society would not tolerate this. We must protect our children and loved ones from this in every way possible.

Our generations of tomorrow must know and feel they have the profound ability within them, which was bestowed by their ancestors, to be the Thinkers, Physicians, Architects, Counselors, Engineers, Psychologists, Politicians and the like of tomorrow and not have to worry about watching their backs everywhere they go. You can only hide behind a lie for so long before it becomes completely transparent.


Lo of GearUGalore

rELAX, rELATE, rELEASE … Release

I was just sitting here thinking about how my ‘release’ came about.

U may be saying ‘release’? She must have been in the slammer. *lol* That’s a story for another day…just kidding, but since I’ve got your attention…

When I first moved back to Houston in 2000, after graduating college, I found myself full of ambition and ready to take on the world, which is reflective of the feelings of many new graduates. You find yourself full of eagerness to take on any challenge that may present itself. Well, in my pursuit of adventure, I was re-introduced to a family friend by my sister and I paid a visit to her office to get reacquainted.

She told me of all of the wonderful works in store at the counseling center she founded and wanted to know if I would be interested in becoming a contributing member of the team. I, of course, obliged as I wanted the opportunity to prove to myself that earning my degree was not a waste of time and effort and I could see this would be a magnificent learning and growth opportunity for me.

Well, as I was there, she handed me four sheets of blank (typing) paper to jot down some of the ideas we were brainstorming and when I saw the paper she wanted me to use was missing those comfortable blue lines, my mind was jolted.

My then ‘conditioned’ mind immediately verbalized my thoughts, “This doesn’t have any lines. Do you have any with lines?” Basically, my mind was ‘unwilling’ to accept the idea of working without constraints, parameters, borders and the like.

We allow the constraints and defined parameters to allot us with a level of ‘comfort’ in which we can ‘unconsciously’ train ourselves to adhere to even when there is no ‘enforcer’ of such restraints. We begin to ‘self-police’, if you will, and manipulate ourselves into thinking it is self-discipline when in actuality it should be considered limitations because that is what they really are.

Her reply to my query was simply, ‘No, that’s all I have.” Therefore, if the task at hand was to be accomplished, the resources currently available would need to be put to use. ‘No’ is one of my least favorite words in the English language, however, that was the most outstanding ‘no’ I have ever heard.

It forced me to lay aside any preconceived notions that limitations are ‘necessary’. It made me realize that one will not always have an outline to follow, but you will sometimes need to be ready to create your own template of design. Once you break free from the ‘box’, there is a wealth of information and experience awaiting you as you transcend from one level of consciousness to the next. Be inspired and allow your story to be an inspiration.

One… Lo of GearUGalore

Welcome Goodnight Macaroon!


I hope all is well with you all today!

GearUGalore is excited to announce the commencement of our new relationship with an outstanding new merchant added to the GearUGalore platform… GOODNIGHT MACAROON!

Goodnight Macaroon is a US designer label offering high end women’s apparel worldwide. This label is loved by many fashion forward girls and styled by famous fashion bloggers from all over the world. Like ALL of GearUGalore’s Apparel offerings, these are high-quality pieces at very affordable prices.

Until May 28th, Goodnight Macaroon is giving all of its newsletter subscribers the chance to win a $1000 shopping spree! All U have to do is click the link above and subscribe! U never know…U could be the ONE!

One… GearUGalore 🙂

Teaming Up

We are living in a time where things are becoming more and more unpredictable. With one event after another, we must learn to appreciate every moment we have to learn, grow and love one another.

GearUGalore would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the individuals and groups that have contacted us about the services we offer. We do hope that U all are satisfied with your results because that adds to our tally of ‘happy’ clients. We want to let U all know that while we do our part to make sure U look your best, U inspire us to continually do our best in offering quality service to U.

While GearUGalore is a full service Apparel Boutique that offers personal shopping and virtual stylist services for our clients, we are also interested in helping U to become the best person U can be, inside and out. We not only want U to look your very best, but we also want U to feel your very best. This is one of the many reasons we have partnered with an area counseling facility, Wholistic Counseling Center ( ), which offers counseling services to individuals of all ages. We embrace the opportunity to work with those who are going thru transitional times in their lives and sometimes the services offered thru the Wholistic Counseling Center are just what they are looking for. No matter the situation or circumstance, it is always best to talk to someone, especially a professional, who can offer superior advice and provide resources that can help to ease your situation and help U to deal with the matter. We at GearUGalore are not focused on the dollar. Our focus is on the People!

Lo of GearUGalore

Thought Energy

Proverbs 23:7 ‘As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.’  This is one of the most powerful realizations a person can grasp within their lifetime.  If you reflect and ponder on negative things, situations that surround you will often fit into that paradigm.  If you look for the good in everything and everybody, the likelihood of your situations working for your betterment can increase dramatically.

At present, this world as a whole seems to be filled with negative, emotionally draining concepts and ideals that will constantly distract you and divert your attention from seeing the good, but you have to make a conscious effort to do such.  As long as your mind is entangled in nonsense, self-defeating, disparaging events and scenarios, it will fall prey to the negative. 

Prayer and meditation have often brought individuals to a level of comfort and divine understanding and it can restore a person’s mind to cleanse it.  Everyone is different, have different experiences, different beliefs, have been nurtured differently and grow to learn things in different ways.  Understanding and appreciating the differences amongst varying individuals can help one to grow, mentally as well as socially.  

Enhance and embrace your understanding of yourself and who you really are.  We are more than mere physical beings, we are sentient beings with the ability to love, feel, know and grow.  Focus on the positive and shun the negative in order to grasp a deeper understanding of what your true purpose is within this walk.  Do not allow others to outline your self-image.


Develop Your Own Standard

Welcome and thank you for visiting us again.  We,  @GearUGalore, are always thinking of ways to offer a benefit to our clients to help them in their pursuit of obtaining their desired goals.  When working with various individuals, it is easy to realize that diversity in fashion and business is a must.  One key on the piano can not create every note.  It is imperative to always be aware of your appearance and look your best, but realize that your best may fall short or exceed another individuals’ expectations.

We, @GearUGalore, like to take the opportunity to converse with our clients prior to getting them outfitted to get a ‘vibe’ of their likes and dislikes along with getting direct information regarding their fashion preferences.  If you share with us that ankle boots are not your thing, best believe we will not try to persuade you otherwise.  No one knows your body better than you, no matter what your local, midday talkshow fashionista may try to convince you of.

Now, actual measurements are one aspect of our information gathering process prior to finding the ideal outfit or wardrobe for you.  Of course, that’s if you do not find that ideal item on your own thru clicking ‘Explore Selection’ from our Home Page.  We want you to be comfortable in the gear you receive from us, so we will not attempt to pressure you into viewing the ‘Wear Your Beer’ selection when that is not your forte.  We develop a rapport with our clients so they know they are always welcome to return.

When developing a Well-Groomed Personal Appearance Standard, some things need to be taken into consideration.  One thing we would like to know is ‘what are you getting geared for?’  We understand that clothing is a need, but we still want to know what’s that need…for business, for pleasure, gift-giving, an individual or a group event?  We’ll also inquire about possible restrictions, as discussed earlier…what styles or trends have you decided you are interested in wearing?  If you are satisfying business, what dress code are you expected to adhere to?  If you are getting geared for an event, are you hosting or an invitee?  What type of event is it and what venue will it be held.  That has a tremedous impact on the choices offered to you.  We will not offer you sexy,lingerie or bedroom fits if you have clearly shared with us that you desire is to be geared up for a Church Choir Conference.  U get the drift.  Are you interested in covering your body art or would you like your fit to properly display the tat work.

Once you communicate your needs and desires to us, we listen and then we move into action.  You set the standards and we do our part in working within that paradigm.  Feel free to send thru your pics, inquiries, concerns or requests and we will do our best to get you Geared Up with GearUGalore.  As always, it’s been a pleasure and feel free to swing back thru anytime @

GearUGalore Team