Thought Energy

Proverbs 23:7 ‘As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.’  This is one of the most powerful realizations a person can grasp within their lifetime.  If you reflect and ponder on negative things, situations that surround you will often fit into that paradigm.  If you look for the good in everything and everybody, the likelihood of your situations working for your betterment can increase dramatically.

At present, this world as a whole seems to be filled with negative, emotionally draining concepts and ideals that will constantly distract you and divert your attention from seeing the good, but you have to make a conscious effort to do such.  As long as your mind is entangled in nonsense, self-defeating, disparaging events and scenarios, it will fall prey to the negative. 

Prayer and meditation have often brought individuals to a level of comfort and divine understanding and it can restore a person’s mind to cleanse it.  Everyone is different, have different experiences, different beliefs, have been nurtured differently and grow to learn things in different ways.  Understanding and appreciating the differences amongst varying individuals can help one to grow, mentally as well as socially.  

Enhance and embrace your understanding of yourself and who you really are.  We are more than mere physical beings, we are sentient beings with the ability to love, feel, know and grow.  Focus on the positive and shun the negative in order to grasp a deeper understanding of what your true purpose is within this walk.  Do not allow others to outline your self-image.