Teaming Up

We are living in a time where things are becoming more and more unpredictable. With one event after another, we must learn to appreciate every moment we have to learn, grow and love one another.

GearUGalore would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the individuals and groups that have contacted us about the services we offer. We do hope that U all are satisfied with your results because that adds to our tally of ‘happy’ clients. We want to let U all know that while we do our part to make sure U look your best, U inspire us to continually do our best in offering quality service to U.

While GearUGalore is a full service Apparel Boutique that offers personal shopping and virtual stylist services for our clients, we are also interested in helping U to become the best person U can be, inside and out. We not only want U to look your very best, but we also want U to feel your very best. This is one of the many reasons we have partnered with an area counseling facility, Wholistic Counseling Center ( ), which offers counseling services to individuals of all ages. We embrace the opportunity to work with those who are going thru transitional times in their lives and sometimes the services offered thru the Wholistic Counseling Center are just what they are looking for. No matter the situation or circumstance, it is always best to talk to someone, especially a professional, who can offer superior advice and provide resources that can help to ease your situation and help U to deal with the matter. We at GearUGalore are not focused on the dollar. Our focus is on the People!

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