rELAX, rELATE, rELEASE … Release

I was just sitting here thinking about how my ‘release’ came about.

U may be saying ‘release’? She must have been in the slammer. *lol* That’s a story for another day…just kidding, but since I’ve got your attention…

When I first moved back to Houston in 2000, after graduating college, I found myself full of ambition and ready to take on the world, which is reflective of the feelings of many new graduates. You find yourself full of eagerness to take on any challenge that may present itself. Well, in my pursuit of adventure, I was re-introduced to a family friend by my sister and I paid a visit to her office to get reacquainted.

She told me of all of the wonderful works in store at the counseling center she founded and wanted to know if I would be interested in becoming a contributing member of the team. I, of course, obliged as I wanted the opportunity to prove to myself that earning my degree was not a waste of time and effort and I could see this would be a magnificent learning and growth opportunity for me.

Well, as I was there, she handed me four sheets of blank (typing) paper to jot down some of the ideas we were brainstorming and when I saw the paper she wanted me to use was missing those comfortable blue lines, my mind was jolted.

My then ‘conditioned’ mind immediately verbalized my thoughts, “This doesn’t have any lines. Do you have any with lines?” Basically, my mind was ‘unwilling’ to accept the idea of working without constraints, parameters, borders and the like.

We allow the constraints and defined parameters to allot us with a level of ‘comfort’ in which we can ‘unconsciously’ train ourselves to adhere to even when there is no ‘enforcer’ of such restraints. We begin to ‘self-police’, if you will, and manipulate ourselves into thinking it is self-discipline when in actuality it should be considered limitations because that is what they really are.

Her reply to my query was simply, ‘No, that’s all I have.” Therefore, if the task at hand was to be accomplished, the resources currently available would need to be put to use. ‘No’ is one of my least favorite words in the English language, however, that was the most outstanding ‘no’ I have ever heard.

It forced me to lay aside any preconceived notions that limitations are ‘necessary’. It made me realize that one will not always have an outline to follow, but you will sometimes need to be ready to create your own template of design. Once you break free from the ‘box’, there is a wealth of information and experience awaiting you as you transcend from one level of consciousness to the next. Be inspired and allow your story to be an inspiration.

One… Lo of GearUGalore

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