Gearing U Galore…

GearUGalore always likes to take the opportunity to visit our readers here to allow them the opportunity to view us more transparently.

We are providing the responses to a few questions that have been posed to members of our team as we continue to make it a priority to always listen to our supporters…so keep ’em coming

Q1: What is GearUGalore?

A1: GearUGalore is a virtual styling center that provides a multitude of services to our clients.  To see a list of our service packages, click here  

Q2: Does the Service Package Price include the price of the apparel?

A2: No.  The Service Package Price only covers the consultation fees, administrative fee and select alterations fees associated with your purchase. See specific service package details.

Q3: Has GearUGalore recently hosted a Resume Building Workshop via the internet?

A3: Yes.  As a matter of fact, we’ve hosted three since mid-September and there has been a nice level of response.  We intend on doing it again soon.

Q4: Why Resume Building?

A4: That’s a good question.  Many of the individuals (and groups) that contact GearUGalore are going thru transitions of sorts.  Some have decided to enter or re-enter the workforce and need to build their business attire accordingly.  Some are entering college and need to be fitted with some proper units for climates different from what they are accustomed to.  In all of the above instances, we are equipped to oblige.  In an attempt to make ourselves more visible and accessible, we decided to offer the resume building workshops as a courtesy to our present and potential clients.

Q5: Whose reviewing/critiquing the resumes, if you don’t mind?

A5: Not at all.  The resumes are ultimately viewed and critiqued by the president of Organized Business Solutions, a Sales, Marketing and Administrative Support Agency or a responsible delegate of her choosing.  Initially, the resumes are sent to the designated e-mail address ( and all identifying information is kept private and confidential.  Hard-copy is presented to one of our president’s assistants and it is marked accordingly.  The final review is then completed by the president who has eight plus years of human resource experience in the oil & gas industry, direct hire responsiblity for her sales agency, non-profit volunteer selection and coordination experience and a plethora of project management experience in diverse arenas.  Once the suggested improvements, if any, are agreed upon and properly noted, the resume is returned to the return address within 24 hours.  Many are quite appreciative of the suggestions and we are happy to help.


One of our main goals at GearUGalore is to do our part in making sure our clients look good and feel good.  If there is something we can do to assist you in reaching your goals and help you to get to the next level, we are willing to go that extra mile.  We’re here to Gear U Galore… head to toe. 




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