GearUGalore is an on-line virtual styling center that offers our clients the ‘hands-on’ experience of a fashion stylist right at their fingertips.  GearUGalore’s mission is to readily style and offer information in regards to fashion trends do(s) and don’t(s).  We like to make sure our clients get our undivided attention as they prepare to always make a positive first impression.  Our clients are encouraged to take advantage of our full service consultations becuase if U seek our service, we’re here for U and nothing less should be expected.  GearUGalore understands that sometimes there is an event or special occassion in which U want to really look your best.  We are here to offer the shopping experience right at your fingertips, with varying options for U to choose from. U may very well be the office or in route on a plane to another destination, and complete the task of shoppiing for your family member’s wedding, including your apparel down to the shoes as well as the gift for them at the same time.  It’s up to U.  We can offer selections to U within your price range, just let us know.  If U allow us enough time prior to your special engagement, we can schedule to have a professional tailor available to alter your garments to custom fit U in the case there is a need for alterations.  It’s up to U.   GearUGalore birthed from the understanding that people love to look good.  When we look good, we feel good and with a positive mental attitude, there is no telling where one may go.  We want to help U to always be ready to make a fantastic first impression, as well as, a lasting impression.  GearUGalore (G.U.G) has a desire to maintain an individual’s own personal sytle, to a certain degree, so we get to know U prior to styling U.  We set an appointment with U to complete a fashion analysis as well as conduct a personal interview with U, at your discretion of course, to get an idea of your likes and dislikes.



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