Making Moves…Taking It to the Next Level

It is always a pleasure connecting with you all. GearUGalore has been helping individuals get suited for the upcoming academic year and it is always an uplifting atmosphere during times like this. This makes us at GearUGalore thrive to see our clients moving from one level to the next in both academics and business.  We intend on increasing our visibility by way of more frequent visits to our blog section here and in doing that we would like to offer our clients useful information that helps and motivates them to continue to do their very best in their chosen arena.

One thing we never take for granted is our opportunity to relate to extremely diverse groups of individuals.  We can offer sexy, lingerie for lovely housewives and stay-at-home moms while also offering chic, business wear for those in the corporate environment.  We offer assistance to local business owners of specialty shops as well as formal apparel for annual events and conferences.  We never wish for you to hesitate when the need arises for you to contact us to get you fitted with an outstanding wardrobe or if you would simply like assistance with gift selection.

We have introduced a new offering for men within GearUGalore’s Men’s Selection Gallery.  Jack Franklin offers stunning, neckties for men that are sure to distinguish the wearer from the rest.  Check ’em out…

As always, if you wish for us to assist with your selection, feel free to contact us at or

Give us a call @ 832-373-3209…Talk to U Soon

GearUGalore Team