Develop Your Own Standard

Welcome and thank you for visiting us again.  We,  @GearUGalore, are always thinking of ways to offer a benefit to our clients to help them in their pursuit of obtaining their desired goals.  When working with various individuals, it is easy to realize that diversity in fashion and business is a must.  One key on the piano can not create every note.  It is imperative to always be aware of your appearance and look your best, but realize that your best may fall short or exceed another individuals’ expectations.

We, @GearUGalore, like to take the opportunity to converse with our clients prior to getting them outfitted to get a ‘vibe’ of their likes and dislikes along with getting direct information regarding their fashion preferences.  If you share with us that ankle boots are not your thing, best believe we will not try to persuade you otherwise.  No one knows your body better than you, no matter what your local, midday talkshow fashionista may try to convince you of.

Now, actual measurements are one aspect of our information gathering process prior to finding the ideal outfit or wardrobe for you.  Of course, that’s if you do not find that ideal item on your own thru clicking ‘Explore Selection’ from our Home Page.  We want you to be comfortable in the gear you receive from us, so we will not attempt to pressure you into viewing the ‘Wear Your Beer’ selection when that is not your forte.  We develop a rapport with our clients so they know they are always welcome to return.

When developing a Well-Groomed Personal Appearance Standard, some things need to be taken into consideration.  One thing we would like to know is ‘what are you getting geared for?’  We understand that clothing is a need, but we still want to know what’s that need…for business, for pleasure, gift-giving, an individual or a group event?  We’ll also inquire about possible restrictions, as discussed earlier…what styles or trends have you decided you are interested in wearing?  If you are satisfying business, what dress code are you expected to adhere to?  If you are getting geared for an event, are you hosting or an invitee?  What type of event is it and what venue will it be held.  That has a tremedous impact on the choices offered to you.  We will not offer you sexy,lingerie or bedroom fits if you have clearly shared with us that you desire is to be geared up for a Church Choir Conference.  U get the drift.  Are you interested in covering your body art or would you like your fit to properly display the tat work.

Once you communicate your needs and desires to us, we listen and then we move into action.  You set the standards and we do our part in working within that paradigm.  Feel free to send thru your pics, inquiries, concerns or requests and we will do our best to get you Geared Up with GearUGalore.  As always, it’s been a pleasure and feel free to swing back thru anytime @

GearUGalore Team