When we all wor…

When we all work together to help one another, there is no objective that can not be reached.  We are living in a time when such things have been manifested right before our very eyes and I think we should take this profound momentum and use it in a positive light and watch SHIFT HAPPEN!!!

Thinking on positivity, I was reading a delightful article the other evening about a new focus in the field of psychology. Positive Psychology, pioneered by Dr. Martin Seligman of the University of PA works to discover the causes of happiness instead of addressing the treatment of mental dysfunctions.  Dr. Seligman’s research has shown that by identifying your personal strengths and values and by aligning your life so that you can apply them every day, you can experience an increase in happiness.  I thought to share that with you as many of the individuals we consult with thru GUG are individuals looking to start or step into their careers and discussions often go in that direction when we are choosing a wardrobe for daily/seasonal wear.  When we choose professions/careers that enhance our strengths from the start, we are less likely to dislike the idea of getting dressed and showing up on the scene on a daily. Take it light and delight in your passion.  Allow GearUGalore the opportunity to get U properly fitted from head to toe so you are geared up and ready to always make a positive impact in all that you do.  One.  Lo of GearUGalore

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